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Our work is boutique and specialised, so success looks different every time. But wherever we go, we go in hard. Applying expert knowledge to companies big and small, corporate and startup.

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Focus Brew

Focus Brew is a Slack app that helps you beat procrastination and stay focused. It automatically mutes all notifications when you are busy. There is a leaderboard for your team and statistics to check how much time you spent on each project.

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Draftbit are all about making app creation easy. When we worked together, it was our job to create the option of interaction with external APIs and also create a source code generation, alongside many other features.

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While Stoovo optimise your income, we optimised their technology. We restructured their codebase, and even, created multiple microservices that supported AI, payments, and data partners (such as Uber, Lyft, and more).

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Eedi connects teachers, students, and parents with real-time data. We helped build new features for the web application, and also built a mobile app that supports hundreds of thousands of children's learning.

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A SaaS-based help desk software and online chat software. Together, we prepared a week-long personalised training for LiveChat's web developers. As a result, a month later, they managed to create and launch their first mobile app with no previous skills or training, other than our own.