What makes us different from dozens of other startups, you might ask?

Well, mainly the fact that quality, not quantity, is our measure. We believe that only by staying a small team of experts we can continue keeping the quality of our work. And now, we look for said specialists to enrich our expertise.

At Product Brew:

As a Software Engineer, you'll help our partners develop their own products.

You'll have an opportunity to collaborate with international teams because our partners are mainly from the U.S., UK, Europe, and Israel. We also support Polish businesses 🇵🇱 ❤️

We are self-funded - no one says how and with whom we should work. Don't worry, though; we're far from working on maximising profits.

Photo of developers talking with each other

What can you expect?

1. Advising and solving technological obstacles is our main domain. We never contribute to projects that we don't believe in!

2. Learning and self-development are essential for us - we never save on them. Thanks to that, we can choose technologically varied, valuable projects.

3. In Product Brew, there is always room for new ideas. We are in early startup mode, meaning you'll have the opportunity to shape the company's culture and values from scratch. Together, we can build a tailor-made workplace where you can bring and implement the best practices from your experience.

Product Brew team members

What we are known for:

1. Helped build ABRP (using React Native and Expo), a route planner for EV drivers used by thousands of people worldwide. We are now part of the ABRP team; we work on new features for users and improve the app. We also help the engineering team to ship the updates quicker.

2. We built Up&Up's user-facing mobile app and worked on SSR to improve their web app's performance and SEO. Besides that, we solved management and scalability problems by introducing monorepo and Kubernetes for Up&Up. These changes helped the Up&Up engineering team shorten the development cycle (faster feature-building and bug-fixing). It also allowed new team members to onboard quicker. It improved the overall feeling and performance of apps for Up&Up's users.

3. We created an infrastructure (using Elixir and ReScript) that helped Walnut's R&D team quickly add new integrations with third-party services like Salesforce or Hubspot. Walnut's customers can now easily integrate their software with Walnut and see how their Demos are used.